Video Production in Brookfield, IL

At just 3 miles away, Motion Source’s studio is just a short jump from Brookfield, Illinois. Previously we have worked with several Brookfield-based clients on video projects. When working with a client we strive to include them as another member of our creative team. We work with you through every stage of the process starting with idea generation and ending with a finished video; with a lot of hard work in between. At Motion Source our philosophy on projects is to embrace our team and produce the best product possible. We offer a wide variety of video production options including commercials, music videos, event coverage, and more. 

We have worked with great community organizations from Brookfield in the past; including Helping Hand and CSS: Community Support Services. Click Here to view a video we produced for the local Rotary Club that features both Helping Hand and CSS. 

Yet Motion Source’s video solutions reach far beyond the type of work we did with Helping Hands and CSS. We have over 10 years of experience working with a wide variety of organizations; include all sizes and types. Our clients range from small businesses to national brands. We work with nonprofits and musical groups. We have even gained national attention with a Chevy commercial that aired during the MLB All-Star Game. The commercial can be seen here

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