Zoe Foundation

The Concept

When we first met the Zoe Foundation, they were facing a major problem: most people didn't have a clue what atrial fibrillation was, much less how many individuals are afflicted with it. They desperately needed something to showcase the importance of their mission, as well as highlight the stories of those they have helped. Taking a look at our samples, the foundation realized that a video would be the key to alleviating these issues, and educating, as well as emotionally affecting, the public.

The Execution

Utilizing a location graciously provided by Loyola University, we captured a number of interviews with patients suffering from AFib, as well as interviews with important researchers in the AFib community. We then utilized footage filmed around the grounds of the university to poetically illustrate the journey to health and calm that involvement with the Zoe Foundation had afforded the afflicted interviewees. Wanting to establish a sense of how prolific atrial fibrillation is, and how it has very little concern for age or gender, we creatively strategized an introduction that would communicate this fact visually.

The Reception

The Zoe Foundation was so incredibly happy with the finished project that their response made our entire month! And, not only were they moved, but the audience at their fundraising events were as well. This single video has served the foundation for a variety of years, helping to raise funds for this noble cause; and, has paid for itself over and over... and over.