Our Philosophy

We are a team-centered organization, extracting the best ideas from the brains of our crew. We then bundle these ideas together to create an approach to your project that is remarkably synergistic. This team-centered approach also means that we are intensely focused on collaborative relationships: we do not view our clients as "jobs", but instead as new members of our greater team; and greatly enjoy working with these "team members" to produce videos that will service their specific goals.

Our Team

Motion Source was founded on an unshakable foundation of marketing acumen and cinematic creativity. This translates into finished productions that not only look stunning, but also capture the very essence of our client’s goals. Each and every video that we produce is tailor-made to the client in question, expressing their message with crystal clarity, and packaged in an aesthetic that satisfies their unique sensibilities. 

                        John Scaletta                            President  

                        John Scaletta


                          Craig Bass                      Creative Director

                          Craig Bass
                     Creative Director

                     Michelle Maslanka                              Producer

                     Michelle Maslanka

                      Steve Brown                    Project Manager    

                      Steve Brown
                   Project Manager  


                     Hunter Kallenbach                          Senior Editor

                     Hunter Kallenbach
                         Senior Editor

                           Jeff Bruninga                     Videographer / Editor  

                           Jeff Bruninga
                    Videographer / Editor


                        Brian Ernst                 Videographer / Editor

                        Brian Ernst
                Videographer / Editor

                        Corey Surratt                   Videographer / Editor

                        Corey Surratt
                  Videographer / Editor

                    Amanda Konieczny                           Bookkeeper

                    Amanda Konieczny

                                   David Gall                                 Videographer

                                   David Gall