High Energy: A video shoot with Hessler

Out today is the new music video for “Waste Away” by Hessler, a Chicago based rock band. The video, produced by Motion Source, is dark, gritty and in black and white to match the overall tone. Revolver, a rock magazine, picked up the video as well. This is not the first time that Hessler and Motion Source have worked together. Earlier this year we helped to create the video for “Who Will Your Run To.” You can watch the new video here: "Waste Away"

Setting up for the evening.

Setting up for the evening.

Using a projector to display images on the band, the video captures the high energy of Hessler rocking out against a backdrop of horror, decay, and destruction. The screen used to display the images was 20x40 feet. The backdrop footage is a combination of public footage and video that was captured in-house at the Motion Source studio. Stock footage included schizophrenia study footage, horror films, combat footage and even Nosferatu. The purpose of the images being projected on the individuals in the film is to portrait the subjective intensity of an individual’s negative emotional state. It is taking internal agony and projecting it on an outer self. According to band member Igz Kincaid, the song covers the waste and destruction associated with addiction- something that isn't always visible on the surface.


Though the video shoot ran long into the night, it was incredibly fun and rewarding to work with Hessler to create this highly stylized and energetic rock video.  It’s worth noting that the film crew was very small for this shoot, making it a very intimate filming session. We love working with this band. With Hessler, it’s an experience. It’s great to be so closely a part of Hessler’s ferocity and passion. Director Craig Bass notes that “It allows me to connect with my inner rock star.”