Bukes Hair & Fashion Show • Event Coverage Video

Every year Bukes Salon and Spa holds a very cool event wherein they showcase to their clientele the fashion and hairstyles of the season. Realizing that this event truly highlighted the salon's dedication to their customers, as well as their connection to current trends, Bukes had the wonderful idea of documenting it to play on their website. This being said, they wanted a video that would reaffirm current client's commitment to Bukes, while getting individuals shopping for a new salon psyched about giving Bukes a try. One of the words that Bukes kept throwing out in our planning meetings was "music video-esque". To us, this was a blessing, as some of our favorite creative side projects are music videos. Therefore, we took this and ran with it, producing a video that is worthy of the VMAs.

The best compliment that we could have gotten from Bukes was the request of a DVD that they could loop on a monitor within their salon constantly. Initially, this was planned as a marketing tool for the website, but the girls loved it so much, and felt that it was such a vital and accurate representation of their work and energy, that they choose to have it playing at all times in their place of business. It's an indescribably great feeling when someone tells you that you successfully captured who they are and what they are all about on camera, and this is something that we reach for every time we hit the record button.