The Legacy Guild • Nonprofit Video

The Legacy Guild is a local nonprofit organization that awards college scholarships to high school students in their community who have lost a parent. The Legacy Guild is fairly new organization, being formed in 2012 but they have accomplished a lot so far.  Each year The Legacy Guild hosts an annual spring party to raise money for the organization. 

The Legacy Guild came to Motion Source looking for a video to show at the event. They had an idea to make a video based on a letter they had received. The letter was written by a parent whose child received a Legacy Guild Scholarship and wanted to express her gratitude to the organization. The concept for the video was to have the parent reenact writing the letter while reading the words as a voice over. We were able to interweave shots of her writing the letter, items around the house that had memories of her late husband and shots of the family looking through old photos.  

At the event they showed the video on a projector screen and at the conclusion of the video had an open donation session. The event was a huge success and they raised over $80,000 dollars in donations. The video was filled with emotion, memories, hope and a reminder of the great work The Legacy Guild is doing!