The Andrew Weishar Foundation approached Motion Source to help them create a video to promote their foundation. The Andrew Weishar Foundation was named in memory of Andrew Weishar, who lost his battle to cancer in October of 2012. Andrew asked his family to pay forward all of the kindness he received during his fight, and so in 2013, the Andrew Weishar Foundation was created to help give families with children or young adults with cancer both financial and emotional support during their time of need. Working together with AWF, Motion Source suggested a concept where we used both professionally and hand-drawn signs to explain just how much The Andrew Weishar Foundation has changed their lives for the better. AWF asked several family members and beneficiaries to come join us in our studio to be interviewed, and between those interviews and the signs they wrote themselves, Motion Source was able to create a video for them to get their message out to the world. We absolutely loved working with the Weishar Family and their beneficiaries, and hope that this video will serve them well in their journey to pay it forward!